GTB-126-00_List of informal documents tabled at the meeting

List of informal documents tabled at the 126th GTB session

Lisbon (PT), 26-30 November 2018

The numbering of the items listed below refers to the corresponding items on the revised agenda for the 126th GTB session, document CE-5559/Rev.1.

GTB-126-01              WGP report of 3rd meeting – Boras (SE), 27-28 September 2018                                Item A2.1.8 b)

GTB-126-02              Draft GTB Vision 2025 – Roadmap for the next 5-10 years                                        Item 1.4 d) / 1.6

GTB-126-03              WG-I Report of 26th meeting – Frankfurt, 17 July 2018                                               Item A2.1.4 c)

GTB-126-04              Draft GTB Proposal for ADS lighting                                                                       Item 1.5 d)

GTB-126-05              WG-I Minutes Apparent Surface 04 Oct 2018                                                            Item A2.1.4 f)

GTB-126-06              WG-SVP Report of 69th meeting  – Frankfurt, 19 July 2018                                       Item A2.1.5

GTB-126-07              Report of 24th TSC session – WebEx, 15 October 2018                                             Item A2.2 c)

GTB-126-08              Rev-CE-5550-Corr. – Proposal for LED Substitutes categories C5W and R5W            Item 1.1.4 c)

GTB-126-09              Report of 22nd TSC session – Kyoto, 21 May 2018                                                    Item A2.2 a)

GTB-126-10/Rev.1    WG-I Rev. Minutes Apparent Surface 07 Nov 2018                                                   Item A2.1.4 g)

GTB-126-11              Rev. Agenda for the 126th GTB session_Lisbon (PT), 26-30 Nov 2018                        Item 0.3

GTB-126-12              Report CIE November 2018                                                                                     Item A2.3.3 a)

GTB-126-13              Autonomous vehicles topics for consideration                                                         Item 1.6

GTB-126-14              WG-FL simplification report_Nov 2018                                                                     Item 1.3 b)

GTB-126-15              WG-S Status report_November 2018                                                                       Item 1.3 b)

GTB-126-16              Chinese progress report on simplification of GB standards                                      Item 1.3 d)

GTB-126-17              Reg. LSD – Proposal vertical arrow for mounting below 750mm (Rev. CE-5539)         Item A1.1 d)

GTB-126-18              Draft GTB Response to docket No. NHTSA-2018-0090                                             Item A2.4

GTB-126-19              WG LS Chairman Status Report for GTB-126_Nov 2018                                            Item A2.1.3 f)

GTB-126-20              Proposal for a Joint GTB-DVN Forum                                                                      Item A2.2 a)

GTB-126-21              Invitation to GTB-127 – The Hague-Scheveningen (NL), 3-7 June 2019                        Item A2.2 b)

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